Detainees pray entering the United States within 100 air miles, without having been admitted or allowed “parole”, and who cannot establish that they have been physically present in the US during the immediately preceding 14-day period of the date of arrest. They receive designation of foreigners for accelerated removal. During the expedited removal process, the detainee has no right to face an immigration judge. There is only one exception and that is when you declare that you intend to apply for asylum or are afraid of returning to your home country.

However, if the foreigner indicates it, that they intend to apply for asylum or are afraid of returning to their country of origin. The officer will refer the alien for an interview by an asylum officer. Commonly known as a credible fear interview. If the asylum officer finds the alien credible and eligible, they move him from the category of expedited removal, to normal deportation, and there he will be eligible to apply for asylum with an immigration judge and may even be able to request up to a redetermination bond hearing. .

If your loved one was detained while trying to enter the United States, call me at (480) 500-9900.

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