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Mesa DUI Defense Lawyer

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Mesa DUI Defense Lawyer

Brian C. Soto


Mesa DUI Defense Lawyer

Mesa DUI Defense Lawyer, Brian C. Soto, zealously defends those accused of a driving under the influence in Mesa, Arizona.

Bad things can happen to good people.

Mesa DUI Defense Lawyer, Brian C. Soto, recognizes that good people often times make poor decisions, especially when consuming alcohol.

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a DUI in Mesa, Arizona, or surrounding cities call Mesa DUI Defense Lawyer, Brian C. Soto, today, for a Free consultation.

Avoid the effects of a DUI conviction.

3 Helpful tips to avoid DUI conviction

Whether you’ve been charged with a felony or misdemeanor DUI, a conviction can result in serious consequences and repercussions.

Felony DUI:

A.R.S. § 28-1383 – Aggravated DUI; carries extreme penalties including prison time in the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Misdemeanor DUI:

A.R.S. § 28-1381 and ;

A.R.S. § 28-1382; convictions can also carry very serious and costly penalties. Not only will a conviction under any of these statutes cause a negative effect on your drivers license, it’s negative implications can effect your professional license, school, and even your employment.

Mesa DUI Defense Lawyer, Brian C. Soto, will work diligently to get your life back on track by primarily fighting for an outright dismissal. If that is not feasible, we’ll do everything in our power to obtain a favorable resolution for our clients and mitigate the potential punishment.

Hablamos Español.

Mesa DUI Defense Lawyer, Brian C. Soto, and his staff speak English and Spanish fluently; allowing us to better communicate with you in your native language.

Free consultations.

Call Mesa DUI Defense Lawyer, Brian C. Soto, at (480) 573-7686 for a free consultation. During your free consultation, We’ll explain the nature of the charges; both the minimum and maximum sentences, explain your rights, and answer any additional questions you may have.

Mesa DUI Defense Lawyer, Brian C. Soto, recognizes that your case is extremely important to you, and for that reason it is of utmost importance to us as well.

Call us today for a free Consultation!

3 Helpful tips to avoid DUI conviction

Mesa DUI Defense Lawyer - Meticulous in 2021

Practice Areas:

Criminal Defense

Attorney Brian Soto works diligently when representing criminal clients, because he not only is passionate about advocating for underrepresented minorities, but he also empathizes with the situation his criminal clients encounter.
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Drug Crimes

Attorney Brian Soto believes that Arizona's drug penalties are extremely harsh. In order to attempt to offset these extremely high penalties, Brian carefully scrutinizes the investigation. Small nuances, can at times be the difference between a conviction and an outright dismissal.
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DUI Defense

Attorney Brian Soto recognizes the devastating effects a DUI conviction can have on ones life. For this reason, Brian is extremely meticulous in reviewing the State's evidence for inconsistencies and persistent in obtaining the most favorable results possible.
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Our Staff:

Mesa DUI Defense Lawyer - Meticulous in 2021
Brian C. Soto, Attorney

Why Choose SOTO-LAW?

Clients are treated with the utmost respect, and all cases are handled with the highest standards of professionalism.
Communication is key! At SOTO-LAW our clients are provided with both the attorney's and the paralegal's direct cellphone numbers.
Attorney Brian Soto has represented  hundreds of clients in dozens of different courthouses throughout the United States. 
SOTO-LAW PLLC provides legal representation at very competitive rates. Additionally we offer affordable payment plans.

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