When immigration agents (ICE) detain your loved one, they typically take him or her to a local ICE processing office (in Phoenix that office is located at 2035 N. Central Ave. Tel. (602) 766-7030). There he is interviewed by an ICE officer and based on that interview the agent makes a custody determination, deciding whether the detained person should remain in custody or be released on parole to present to their next hearings or on bail to be safer. That is present.
This is your loved one’s first custody determination.
During this interview, the agent is considering whether your loved one presents a danger to the community, and whether they think your loved one will present themselves to all their future audiences.
Unfortunately, there would be no attorney present during this interview. That is why it is very important that the detained person communicates as best they can with the agent to explain all the reasons why the agent must allow parole. If you do not feel safe talking to the agent, you agree that you also have the right to remain silent.
This has been making the first opportunity to fight for their freedom. If the agent makes a determination to deny bond, your loved one will have another opportunity to ask for bond during a custody redetermination hearing. This hearing would be in front of an immigration judge who has the power to offer bail.
If you have a family member detained by immigration (ICE) and wants to fight for bail, call me for a consultation at (480) 500-9900.

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